At Polaris Digitech, we provide world class services – its what we do, and we are very good at it.
We provide the following core services:

Identity Intelligence Management


Our Identity Intelligence Management Systems validates authenticity ranging from assets to customers identity. This flexible model emulates and enhances your own business processes making it completely foolproof and seamless such that you can mitigate risk, improve performance, make informed strategic decisions and create profitable new business models.

Location Intelligence Integration into Business Intelligence


Polaris Digitech is able to establish the capacity to organize and understand complex phenomena through the use of geographical relationships inherent in an organization’s raw analytical data to better aid decision making in certain locations.

Utility Asset Enumeration


Our GIS-Enabled Utility Asset Enumeration helps organizations to identify, capture and bring into a geospatial database all utility assets including their geographical positions within the distribution network. This gives the organization the ability to have a 360-degree overview of all their assets..

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Aerial Mapping


Polaris Digitech delivers efficient high and medium resolution imagery through its strategic alliances and use of latest platforms.

Digital Map Production


Polaris Digitech produces large quantities of high orthophotos and Digital Terrain Models through Aerial Photography and Satellite Imagery.

Cadastral and Topographic Surveying


Polaris Digitech carries out surveys using the latest differential GPS and associated precision technologies. With the constantly changing landscape, the need for precise, productive positioning is ever-present. In performing a survey, both accuracy and speed are vital.

Enterprise GIS Application Development (E-GIS)


We integrate Geospatial Data with business data to provide additional insight needed to make better business decisions on customer strategy, new market opportunities and investment areas. Our Enterprise Geographical Information System (EGIS) is a solution to the re-occurring challenges of acquiring and retaining customers in a competitive environment, Ensuring the best possible return from Network Infrastructure investments, Reducing operating costs without risking customer churn, Delineating served and un-served areas through network gap analysis and telecommunications infrastructure mapping and to also Determining the coverage of internet broadband access.

Bespoke Solutions and Applications for Specialized Industry


Polaris Digitech designs and develops customized solutions and applications to suit the needs and requirements of its clients also guaranteeing efficient production of high quality data.

Land Information Systems


Polaris Digitech offers a Land Information System (LIS) that consists of an accurate, current and reliable land record cadastre and its associated attribute and spatial data which represent the legal boundaries of land tenure and provides a vital base layer capable of being integrated into other geographic systems or as a standalone solution that allows data stewards to retrieve, create, update, store, view, analyze and publish land information.

OEM Product Franchisee


Polaris Digitech is an authorized re-seller for some of the OEM products also providing service and support required. These products are from brands like Pitney Bowes Software, ikeGPS, Digital Globe.

Training and Support Services


We offer our clients both in-house and on-site a range of training that may cover our products, as well as specialized instruction in 3rd party technologies

Our support team’s high level of industry and product expertise enables them to help customers implement solutions, share knowledge and answer any queries that may arise.