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    • City Map Data in Clutter

      Clutter Map is a development pattern to which land is used. This could be for agricultural, industrial, residential, commercial, recreational, or other purposes.

    • City Map Data in Digital Terrain Model

      Digital Terrain Model refers to a model of reality which includes information relating to factors such as surface texture as well as elevation.

    • City Map Data in Vector

      Vector Data represent geographic features by coordinates of points, lines, and polygons. Points represent small features such as landmarks. Linear features such as roads, rail-lines and streams are represented by lines. Areas such as cities, forests, wetlands, and soil units are represented by polygons.

    • MapSight Data Capture Device


      GE MapSight, formerly ikeGPS, is the only product that captures a geolocated photo of an asset from which accurate measurements can be made.

      GE MapSight combines GPS, laser rangefinder, digital camera, and a digital compass into an all-in-one field data collection device. All data captured with the GE MapSight device is imported into MapSight desktop software for measuring and custom report creation. MapSight desktop also allows for custom form creation that represents your day-to-day field collection experience. And best of all this data is easily imported into FieldSmart View for further viewing/editing and near real time transmission back to the home office.


    • UAV- Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Equipment

      GIS users have always craved high-quality, near real-time imagery. Over the years, expectations for resolution and fast delivery have been significantly raised. Real-time visual intelligence is absolutely critical to complete the common operational picture. Short of having an on-call manned air fleet, UAVs offer the unique ability for users to capture their own data, on their own time frame.

      1. It is more likely that imagery can be acquired when needed with a UAV than with other platforms, such as satellites or airplanes
      2. Imagery has very high resolution (typically, one to two inches);
      3. Imagery can be processed quickly.

    • Instinct: Essential Application Fraud Detection Solution


      Instinct can identify fraudulent applications from both professional syndicates and small-time fraudsters alike. It uses a combination of historical data, intelligent rules-based logic, data validation and fraud scoring to identify any suspicious applications or customers.
      All applications and customers are assessed for their “fraud potential” and assigned a fraud risk grade – those cases that are highly suspicious are highlighted for further analysis by a fraud analyst.

      Instinct is suitable for all banking products including credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, cheques and deposit accounts. It is also ideal for insurance portfolios, mobile phone issuers and government departments such as taxation and social security. Business Benefits Instinct represents the essential application fraud detection solution for any organisation that is open to application fraud.

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    • Predator: Essential Transaction Fraud Detection Solution


      Predator is a powerful anti-fraud solution for organisations that process financial transactions. Predator process every transaction in order for your organisation to achieve accurate and consistent fraud checking across all channels of incoming and outgoing transactions. Predator will mitigate fraud, reduce operational costs, and increase reputation through a combination of historical data, fraud scoring, behavioural rules, and intelligent case management.

      Transactions can be checked against blacklisted and watchlisted accounts, merchants, customers, IP addresses, staff, card numbers or other reference information.

      Incoming transactions are checked against a customised decision workflow for fraud indicators or suspicious characteristics. Decision rules and fraud models can be changed and updated instantly to keep up with evolving fraud.

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    • MapInfo


      MapInfo Professional is a powerful mapping application that helps business analysts and GIS professionals to easily visualise and share the relationships between data and geography.

      MapInfo Professional is an industry leader in usability and it is part of a comprehensive integrated location platform.

      As the sole partner of Pitney Bowes Software, makers of the MapInfo range of software, in Nigeria Polaris Digitech is the only organization with authorization to resell their software and extensions.

      In addition, we offer after-sales support to our customers.

      Different packages are available and they are all developed to make your GIS experience a time-saving and smooth one.Map X, MapXtreme, Vertical Mapper, Engage 3D, Engage 3D pro, Discover, Geostore, Drivetime, Spatial Server.

      Download MapInfo Professional Version 12.5 here

    • Google

      Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.
      This is achieved through a wide range of products, one of which is the Geo-Technological Products for effective storage, streaming, sharing and publishing of large geospatial datasets across multiple platforms – desktop & mobile

      1. Google My Maps
        Empowers organisations with the ability to easily create and share maps online. My Maps is equipped with capabilities to securely store, manage and publish Geospatial data.
      2. Google Maps Coordinate
        A workforce management tool that improves the efficiency of mobile teams which are shown on a Google Map, making it easy to assign pressing tasks to the closest team member in real time to scheduled in a smarter, more efficient way
      3. Google Earth Pro
        A 3D interactive globe that is used to aid planning, analysis and decision making. Users world over depend on its data visualization, planning and information sharing tools.
      4. Google Maps APIs
        A collection of APIs that enable the client’s data overlay on a customized Google Map.
        This allows the creation of engaging web and mobile applications with Google’s powerful mapping platform including satellite imagery, street view, elevation profiles, driving directions, styled maps, demographics, analytics and an extensive places database.
    • Oracle


      Oracle Spatial and Graph supports a full range of geospatial data and analytics for land management and GIS, mobile location services, sales territory management, transportation, LiDAR analysis and location-enabled Business Intelligence.

      The graph features include RDF graphs for applications ranging from semantic data integration to social network analysis to linked open data and network graphs used in transportation, utilities, energy and telcos and drive-time analysis for sales and marketing an on-call manned air fleet, UAVs offer the unique ability for users to capture their own data, on their own time frame.

  • Polaris Geocoder – Beta

    Polaris Geocoder
    Free and ready to use geocoder

    Verify, correct, standardize and turn that address data of yours into latitude longitude values and see its position on a map.

    These are some attributes of the Polaris Geocoder

    1. Puts address in standardized format for each specific Nigerian state
    2. Normalize and standardize address right format
    3. Works in real-time, any time
    4. Geocode addresses with latitude and longitude

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    Available within the hours of 9am to 5pm (WAT), Mondays through to Fridays only

  • logo_gold_autoverv
    Address accuracy is critical when managing customer information. Without this information, organizations expose themselves to operational inefficiencies, poor customer service, and incomplete customer insight.

    The Autoverv is a lightweight javascript library, enabled with an autocomplete feature, that can be integrated into an existing application to enhance the accuracy and completeness of physical addresses before impact to business processes.
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