Utility Asset Enumeration

Knowledge of an asset’s location provides efficiency in its management.
Locating assets and tracking information about them can save an organization a great amount of time and resources. Using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to do this give organizations a more accurate reflection of real-world circumstances and allows them to make better business decisions.

Here at Polaris Digitech Limited, our GIS-Enabled Utility Asset Enumeration helps organizations to identify, capture and bring into a geospatial database all utility assets including their geographical positions within the distribution network. This gives the organization the ability to have a 360-degree overview of all their assets.

Features and Benefits

Asset Survey/Audit
  • Physical and network survey of assets
  • Smart hand-held devices for capturing asset details along with associated attribute data
  • Accurate spatial data captured by base map navigation using GPS/DGPS technology
  • Predefined and configurable survey forms with user-friendly options in smart hand-held device
  • Unique ID codes generated for all assets
Consumer Enumeration
  • Proper tracking and updating of unauthorized and non-registered connections
  • Error-free identification of assets connectivity
  • Connection type identification for consumers
  • Network Documentation and Data Processing
  • Downloading of surveyed data to GIS software for further processing
  • Updated consumer Information
  • On-site/ Remote validations to validate the network and consumer surveyed data
  • Network topology preparation after data validation
  • Asset data details
  • Asset data with “Asset Universal Coding System (NAC)”
  • Suggestions, recommendations and probable solutions to the utility against problems identified during activity