Here are just a few of the organisations that we have partnerships with, our Partners integrate our products into a wide range of end user applications and specialist solutions, so if you’re looking for a specialist solution either contact us or one of our Partners.

Digital Globe

DigitalGlobe owns and operates the most agile and sophisticated constellation of commercial earth imaging satellites in the world. With over 4 billion square kilometers in our archive and growing, DigitalGlobe is the commercial imagery content leader. DigitalGlobe supports the causes closest to our hearts, while fostering the growth of the next generation of geospatial technology professionals.

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Oracle: offers an optimized and fully integrated stack of business hardware and software systems. This includes database management systems and middle-tier software, one of which is Oracle Spatial. Oracle Spatial is the industry’s leading Spatial Database Management Platform bringing the power and value of location analysis directly and natively to customers’ business applications and operational systems in all industries. It also provides the most sophisticated geospatial database management available to meet the needs of advanced geospatial systems in the public sector, defense, utilities and more.

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Pitney Bowes Software

Pitney Bowes Software: a fortune 500 company with over 35,000 employees in 130 countries, it combines MapInfo’s award-winning location intelligence offerings and other relevant communications management capabilities to provide more comprehensive offerings to solve organisational challenges.

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Google: Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.
This is achieved through a wide range of products, one of which is the Geo-Technological Products for effective storage, streaming, sharing and publishing of large geospatial datasets across multiple platforms – desktop & mobile.

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Luciad provides a range of high-end software products that system integrators and OEMs can easily integrate into their systems. The portfolio of powerful tools provides support for achieving situational awareness by handling large numbers of static and moving data on top of geographical information, including maps, satellite imagery, and terrain elevation in many different formats and references.

Luciad applies a unique open system and domain logic framework which enables data fusion across the various data layers. This technology supports fast on-the-fly displays of complex and disparate networked data, allowing commanders and operators to make instant decisions.

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ike began as an idea of a New Zealand engineer surveying radio sites in Kenya and has grown into a business delivering solutions to international customers

ike’s two solutions, GE MapSight and Spike, enable a user to take a photograph and capture measurements of objects in real time or subsequently make measurements or models from those photographs.

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Airbus Defense and Space

Airbus Defence and Space is recognized as a World leader in geo-information with an unmatched access to Earth observation satellite imagery, unique expertise and decades of experience in one organisation.

The Geo-Intelligence programme line of Airbus Defence and Space is committed to programmes whose purpose is to make Earth-observation images and geo-information available for worthy causes such as natural and man-made disasters, humanitarian missions, global surveillance of the environment, international security and peacekeeping, education and research.

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Sinergise Limited: a company experienced in building large-scale GIS systems with support for distributed use. They are operating national spatial distribution infrastructure in several European and African countries.

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A dynamic company at the forefront of geographic imaging technology, with international acclaim and projects extending around the globe. Bluesky has earned an enviable reputation as specialists in data solutions for mapping our natural and built environment.

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NAC Geographic Products Inc

NAC Geographic Products Inc. developed the Natural Area Coding System. This is a new geodetic system that has generated a highly efficient code called Natural Area Code (NAC) to unify the representations of geographic coordinates, area codes, street addresses, postal codes, map grids and property identifiers of every location or area in the world. With this system, unique codes (NAC) can be generated for all buildings, properties,features and structures which can be distinctly identified and represented on a map, thereby providing a veritable solution to the challenges posed by poor addressing systems currently being experienced in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

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