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Geospatial Series: Network Coverage Locator for Telco Industry

  • Introduction

In 2001, the telco organization dotted the Nigeria landscape with their all-important service of technology and communication as a result of the deregulation efforts of the Obasanjo administration. The Nigerian market was excitedly opened up to a lot of business opportunities and positives ranging from employment provision, entrepreneurship empowerment, improvement in trade and commerce, expansion in ancillary services such as advertisement, support services e.t.c

  • Challenge

Fast-forward to 2018, Nigeria can boast of over 140 million mobile phone users and 4 major telecoms organization. However, in spite of all progress and milestones achieved, Nigerians still grapple with the continuous issues of network availability and quality. On the flip side, various solution providers reel out different ads to protect and project their brands, while also offering appealing bonuses to retain their existing customers and attract new ones.

However, in developed climes, customers have access to portals that reliably inform them of the quality of the network coverage for their location of interest, helping them make the right decision in terms of subscription to telco products and services. A few providers within the country have made efforts to replicate such, but most times, they fall short of the requisite flexibility, currency, and accuracy of the coverage locator application.

  • Solution

In a bid to improve customer relationship and retention and in line with global best practice, MTNN engaged the services of Polaris Digitech Limited, a foremost Geospatial Business Solution Provider, for the implementation of the coverage locator application that is flexible, robust and can provide updated information about the quality and coverage of the MTNN network across their several Service/Product bands.

The application was developed from scratch, using the spectrum technology platform from Pitney Bowes Software. With a project implementation team of seven, the application was developed and deployed by local professionals within a period of six months. The coverage locator application is divided into internal and external modules with the latter accessible to the public via www.mtncoveragelocator.com

Coverage Locator Features

  • Fully interactive and dynamic interface
  • Dynamic Search using address, landmarks and coordinates parameters with Autocomplete functionality
  • Closest Walkin/ Connect Stores based on the location of Choice
  • Access to Network Coverage and Quality Information

mtn locator

coverage/quality issues


  • Benefits
Customer Service Providers
View coverage technologies and quality with highly visual apps It enhances decision making for network planning and roll out implementation
Provide quick, easy access to your coverage data Customize the user interface for seamless integration
Customers Can Buy with Confidence based on the verifiable coverage information