About Polaris Digitech Limited

POLARIS DIGITECH LIMITED is a dominant Pan-African Location Intelligence firm, providing data, software and decision support services to fulfill its client’s strategies and management needs through the development and deployment of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Professionals in the fields of Geographic Information, Geography, Information Technology, Geomatics, Surveying and Remote Sensing work in a highly technological enabling environment to achieve its objectives

The company was established in 2002 and serves a wide array of clients spanning the Telecoms, Oil and Gas, Real Estate/Property Management, Engineering Construction, Transportation, Manufacturing, Health, Agricultural and Utility industries as well as Government Agencies.

Our products and services help organisations visualize, manipulate, analyze and integrate 2D and 3D Geo-spatial information into solutions in today’s complex business challenges. We are committed to building long–term relationships based on sustainable values, providing technical support, training, customized applications development and project consulting services.

Our propriety products include high resolution Street Level Map Data collected for over 200 cities across Nigeria. These Geo-spatial data sets are in the form of Vector, Clutter and Digital Terrain Models. The acquisition of Satellite Imagery, its’ processing and interpretations as well as the extraction of different themes have enriched the data archival of the firm.


Our vision is to be a dominant Twenty-First Century Geographical Information Technology Company, spearheading the growth of a new phenomenon in the Nigerian Geo-Spatial Data Industry, by using Location Intelligence and Information-rich Data to revolutionize the way individuals and organisations conduct business.


Our mission is to enhance the quality of relationships with our clients in order to promote a high level of integrity, customer satisfaction and employee empowerment to achieve optimal organizational productivity.